Removing Candle Wax from Carpets & Upholstery

You’ve set up a relaxing evening at home. You have the lights dimmed, soft music playing and scented candles burning. You drift off to sleep in the peaceful setting. The dream is over when you wake up. Your wax candles have melted all over your carpet! OR –  your teenage kid burns candles in their room and never pays attention to the wax spilling onto the carpet. Don’t panic, your carpet isn’t ruined.

To get the candle wax out, here is all that you will need. Seriously, a paper bag and an Iron.

First try and break up the wax and chip as much off as you can. Use a dull knife or other hard flat edge object. You can also put ice in a waterproof bag and lay it on the wax. By allowing the wax to freeze, it will chip away easier. However, make sure the bag does not leak or condensation puts water on the spot. The water could make the color in the wax set.

Second, tear large pieces of the paper bag so that they are single layers. (if you do not have a paper bag, clean terry cloth can work). Spread the paper piece over the wax stain. And make sure there is no print from the bag against the carpet.

Third, heat your iron to a very low setting like around 3. It only needs to be hot enough to melt the wax and not the fibers of your carpet.

Finally, run the iron over the paper on top of the wax, but DO NOT let the iron touch the actual carpet fibers. You will notice that the wax will transfer to the paper. When you do it, don’t hold your iron in one spot for too long. Little pushes and moves of the iron around the wax should work really well. Keep moving the paper over the wax until it is all removed.

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