Upholstery Cleaning, Completely Different than Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Upholstery takes a level of expertise way beyond the typical carpet cleaner. This is due to the different fabrics used for upholstery, the type of dirt involved and the different shapes of furniture.

Upholstery uses many different types of fabrics than carpet or rugs ranging from natural materials like silk and wool, synthetics like nylon and blends. If the upholstery cleaner doesn’t really understand materials, real problems can occur. For example, if silk is not cleaned properly, the potential for splotching or streaking can occur. Also, if not properly cleaned, white furniture, especially cottons and wools, can turn brown.

Upholstery dirt is primarily people and pet issues. People shed dead skin cells, hair and hair dander along with sweat and body oils through exposed skin. Cosmetics, hair sprays and other beauty items get on upholstery. Plus, children and parties increase the likelihood of spills. If you have animals, their hair, body oils and dander are probably getting on your furniture. Over time, all these tend to accumulate into the fabric.

Furniture designs and styles contribute different degrees of difficulty to clean. An easy working surface is a flat one. However, furniture has many corners and edges which make the application of cleaning solutions and the removal of the associated dirt very difficult. Skill and experience are required to effectively clean these areas.

So, make sure to hire an upholstery cleaner that knows what they are doing. For information, visit my website at www.graysoncleans.com